Personal Linux environment.
Free and open-source services.

About d3v.ma3x.org

This is a personal Linux environment, it is built on two LENOVO E32 tower pc's, hosted in my home, here in Sofia. I'm using Proxmox Virtual Environment, to run KVM or LXC guests. They provide services like web, mail, monitoring, backups and many more.

I want to improve my Linux skills by managing differend type of services and share some of these resources with other people for cheap payment.
Please see the servces section below.


I would like to offer you services like web hosting, cloud storage space, mail hosting with your own domain, spam protection, vpn browsing, Linux shell access with root privileges, various outgoing and incoming ports, monitoring your public hosts, settings up different kind of open source services upon request.


There is no contract, all services are paid per month. Because of that, the price is symbolic, only 1$ per service. Payments is done via Paypal only. There is no SLA, uptime requirement or anything else. This is personal, home cloud service.


You can contact me via email at admin@ma3x.org
or IRC at irc.freenode.net, channel #Ma3x.Org.